⛓️Tokenize your Experience (testing)

We are currently testing the building tokenization feature in Hex Planet.

Part One: Farm Construction

  • Build your farm. πŸ‘‰ What is a farm? πŸ‘‰ How to build a building?

  • To tokenize your farm, click the "tokenize" button on the building page in Hex Planet game, and you should see the message "Tokenize in progress." Great! You're on the right track. The next step is connecting your wallet and minting your farm!

It is crucial to note that the email associated with your game account will be used to create a personal cabinet account, where you can mint an NFT of your farm.

Currently, only farms can be tokenized. For information on how to build a farm, please search in the provided resources.

Please Note: During the play test, we provide an abundance of free resources for all new users. Players have enough resources from the very first second to buy and build everything with 1000 crystals, 100 qubits, 100 brains, and 100 coins at their disposal.

Please Note: An account can tokenize only one unique farm once. That is, if you have two identical farms, you will be able to tokenize only one.

Part Two: Mint Your Farm

  • Visit the personal cabinet site of the game (https://www.universesatoshi.com) and create an account with the same email used in the Hex Planet mobile app.

  • You will then see a list of buildings that are ready for tokenization.

  • Switch your wallet network to the Linea Mainnet and ensure your wallet has a small amount of currency for minting your NFT.

  • Connect your wallet to your personal cabinet by clicking the "connect wallet" button.

  • Mint your farm by clicking the "mint" button next to the building, sign the transaction, and that's it.

At present, tokenization is only for demonstration purposes. Currently, tokenized buildings will not be used in the main version of the game.

Please make sure to follow each step carefully to ensure the successful tokenization and minting of your farm within Hex Planet. Enjoy your gameplay!

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