🚁Drones and Garages

In Hex Planet, Drones play a crucial role in resource collection and combat. They are essential for gathering resources efficiently and engaging in battles with other players. To manage your drones effectively, you’ll need to construct drone garages.

  1. Garages for Drones:

    • Purpose: Garages serve as storage and maintenance hubs for your drones.

    • Functionality:

      • Placement: Construct a garage on your hexagon to house your drones.

      • Battery Charging: Garages allow you to recharge drone batteries.

      • Drone Upgrades: Upgrade your drones within the garage.

      • Status Check: Monitor existing drones and perform actions like installing additional batteries or bombs.

  2. Types of Drones:

    • Cargo Drones: Collect resources from your farms and factories.

    • Battle Drones: Engage in combat, retrieve resources from other players, and deploy bombs.

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