🌎Buying Land

Buying Land: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Check Your Gems: Ensure you have enough gems for purchasing land. Gems are the currency used for transactions.

  2. Choose Location Wisely: Initially, opt for land close to your current location for ease of resource collection.

  3. Open Map: Navigate to the game map to find available land.

  4. Select Land: Tap on an unoccupied hexagon you're interested in purchasing.

  5. Access Menu: A menu will pop up with options to "Buy Land" or "Rent Land."

  6. Make Your Purchase:

    • Tap "Buy Land".

    • Choose the number of hexagons you wish to buy.

    • Review the cost in gems shown in the pink window.

    • Confirm your purchase by tapping the "Π‘onfirm" button.

Ownership Confirmation: To verify land ownership, select the hexagon. The Main Functions Menu will display, confirming your new land.

  • Start Local: Buying land near your real-world location simplifies resource management, especially at the beginning.

  • Use Drones Wisely: For land and buildings beyond your immediate collection radius, deploy drones to gather resources efficiently.

  • Strategic Expansion: Think ahead about how each land purchase fits into your broader game strategy, whether for resource production, defense, or expansion.

  • Resource Planning: Before making any land purchase, ensure it aligns with your resource production needs and overall game objectives.

Every player has a maximum number of land pieces they can buy per day, based on their experience level.

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