🌟Lifequality Buildings

Lifequality buildings play a pivotal role in Hex Planet, as they are responsible for producing parts for various items actively used within the game. These items include Electric Cables, Scissors, Energy Bombs, Domes, Drone Batteries, Drilling Rigs, Dancing Girls, and Dice. Here's a concise guide to maximizing the productivity of your Lifequality buildings.

Maximizing Production Efficiency:

  • Worker Influence: The number of workers assigned to a Lifequality building directly impacts the speed of resource production. Ensure you have enough workers to keep operations running smoothly.

  • Location Benefits: The location of your building on specific Fossils hexes can influence production rates. Select your building sites strategically to benefit from these bonuses.

  • Health Monitoring: The efficiency of Lifequality buildings is also affected by their Health status. Regularly check and maintain your building's health to ensure peak performance.

  • External Influence: The construction of Lifequality buildings can affect nearby structures, altering their characteristics. This symbiotic relationship between buildings means you should plan your city layout carefully to optimize each building's impact.

Remember, successful management of Lifequality buildings requires a balance of adequate staffing, strategic location selection, diligent health maintenance, and considerate urban planning. By focusing on these aspects, you can ensure that your Lifequality buildings are producing at their highest capacity, supporting your adventure in Hex Planet with essential items and resources.

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