Side income streams

There will be other ways to make a profit then just to let a mining farm run or catch resources and sell them on the market.

There will be the possibility to build attack drones. With this drones you can attack other peoples buildings (mining farms), if successful you will be rewarded with a part of the income from this mining farm. Ofcourse the bigger the attack the more rewards you can get.

Then there is the P2P market. Prices can fluctuate a lot based on the needs of all the players. It will be hard to predict which way prices go, but if you do your best and have a look on the market at certain periods of time, you could be able to see patterns. Are you the one who sees them. Do you know when its a good time to buy and sell? Will you be the middleman or marketmaker in the game? If you have a good feeling for trading at the right time, this might be your way to get a profit.

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