✈️Beginner Strategies


  • Focus on building a solid foundation before constructing resource-consuming buildings.

  • Maintain your buildings' health to maximize resource production.

  • Use Qubits from Nucleus Factories to repair buildings.

  • Staff Nucleus Factories with Workers from Atriums.

  • Build three Atriums for every Nucleus Factory.

  • Use Cargo Drones to collect resources remotely.

Detailed Explanation:

Before embarking on your galactic conquest in Hex Planet, it's crucial to master the basic mechanics and dependencies. A sound strategy involves establishing a strong foundation for your future empire that will develop systematically. Instead of immediately constructing resource-intensive buildings like Mining Farms, which will soon require resources for maintenance and repairs, we recommend learning the principles of creating and understanding infrastructure that generates resources for your empire's development.

The game's mechanics include a building "aging" function, πŸ‘‰ read Building Health where your buildings will require repairs after some time. Each building card has a "Health" indicator. The higher the health, the more efficient your building, which means a higher return on investment and faster development.

It's crucial to keep your buildings in excellent condition to maximize resource production. Resources for repairs can be obtained from factories. The most common resource used for repairs is "Qubit," which can be produced at "Nucleus Factories."

Simply building a factory isn't enough - you need to staff it with workers.

To operate a level 1 "Nucleus Factory" at maximum capacity, you need 150 level 1 workers and monitor the "Health" indicator.

Level 1 "Atrium" buildings provide workers for factories. One level 1 building can create 50 workers.

For one "Nucleus Factory," you'll need to build three "Atriums" to provide 100% staffing.

To collect "Qubits," you need to be near your "Nucleus Factory" or build a level 1 "Drone Garage," purchase a level 1 "Cargo Drone," and periodically collect resources using the drone.

πŸ‘‰ Explore Easy Drone Launching.

Impact of Workers on Building Productivity:

The number of workers assigned to a building directly affects its productivity. Here are two examples:

  • Workers: 48

  • Qubits Produced per Hour: 32

As you can see, a difference of just 6 workers results in a decrease of 4 Qubits produced per hour. This clearly demonstrates the importance of maintaining a sufficient workforce for your factories.

Balancing Worker Demand and Supply:

In Hex Planet, as you expand your empire, you'll encounter situations where the number of workers you have might not be sufficient to meet the demands of your factories. In the previous section, we discussed the importance of having enough workers for your "Nucleus Factories" to operate at maximum capacity.


Currently, you have three "Nucleus Factories" and seven "Atriums." However, this number of "Atriums" is insufficient to support the three "Nucleus Factories" at full capacity. You need at least nine "Atriums" to achieve this.

Additional Considerations:

  • Other Factories: If there are other factories nearby that require workers, such as mining farms, some of your workers will be diverted to those factories.

  • Worker Distribution: It's important to distribute your workers evenly among your factories to ensure optimal productivity.

  • Monitoring and Adjustment: Continuously monitor your worker situation and adjust your workforce as needed.


By following this strategy and understanding the impact of worker allocation, you'll be well on your way to establishing a thriving and efficient galactic empire in Hex Planet!

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