🏝️Land and Hexagones

Welcome to the world of strategic land trading and development!

In this game, the entire planet is divided into hexagons, each representing a unit of land that can be owned, bought, sold, leased, and developed with buildings. Utilizing Mapbox and Uber HHSI, you'll immerse yourself in a real-world gamification experience with actual locations, adding depth and realism to your gameplay.

When considering the purchase of land, your strategy should align with your gameplay objectives.

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You have the freedom to acquire land near your home for convenience, in valuable locations, near major player clusters for heightened interaction, or in remote areas for vast empire building. Here are key factors to consider:

  • Identify Strategic Locations: Align your choice of land with your strategic goals within the game.

  • Evaluate Land Attributes: Consider proximity to existing developments and player activity to gauge potential desirability and profitability.

  • Plan for Future Expansion: Anticipate and choose land with potential for future development and expansion.

  • Compare and Review: Evaluate and compare prices across different locations to make the most informed decisions.

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