Building Health

The "Health" function in the strategic game Hex Planet plays a crucial strategic role. It directly affects a building's productivity, with higher health leading to increased efficiency and output. This section will delve into the mechanics of "Health," its impact on your empire, and effective strategies for maintaining optimal building health.

Impact of Health on Building Performance:

  • Productivity: Health directly correlates with a building's productivity. A healthy building will produce more resources, generate higher income, and contribute more to your empire's overall growth.

Strategies for Maintaining Building Health:

  • Regular Repairs: Regularly monitor your buildings' health and promptly repair.

  • Resource Allocation: Prioritize resource allocation to ensure that critical buildings.

Repairing Buildings:

There are two ways to repair buildings in Hex Planet:

  1. Building Card: Access the building's card and click the "Repair" button. This method provides detailed information about the repair cost and duration.

  2. My Buildings Menu: Go to the "My Buildings" menu, select the desired buildings, and click the "Repair" button. This method allows you to repair multiple buildings simultaneously.

Resource Requirements for Repairs:

The primary resource used for repairs is "Qubit," which can be produced in "Nucleus Factories." Ensure you have a sufficient supply of Qubits to maintain your buildings' health.


By understanding the importance of "Health" and implementing effective strategies for maintenance and repair, you can ensure that your buildings operate efficiently and contribute to the long-term success of your empire in Hex Planet. Remember, a well-maintained infrastructure is a key pillar of a thriving empire!

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