Renting land

Venture into land rental as a business opportunity, offering your land to other players for their activities and developments. Here's how to maximize your rental endeavors:

  • Set Rental Rates: Based on location, desirability, and available amenities, establish competitive rental rates.

  • Advertise Available Land: Attract potential tenants by effectively advertising your land for rent.

  • Negotiate Rental Agreements: Engage in negotiations with interested players to seal beneficial rental agreements.

Step-by-Step Guide to Renting and Leasing Land in the Game:

To Rent Land:

  1. Ensure you have the required crystals for renting hexagons.

  2. Choose the hexagons you would like to rent and tap on a hexagon. In the menu that appears, select the "Rent" icon.

  3. Select the quantity of hexagons for rent (scroll the bottom-right menu). Account for your limits on renting hexagons.

  4. Press the "Create Request" button to generate a contract for renting the hexagons.

  5. The rental request is marked with "RENT," and a prominent "OFFER" icon appears over the hexagons.

To Lease Land:

  1. Select the hexagons you want to lease, ensuring they are free from any structures.

  2. Tap on the hexagon intended for leasing and in the menu that appears, choose the "Rent" icon.

  3. Choose the quantity of hexagons for lease (scroll the bottom-right menu).

  4. Set an acceptable leasing price and press the "Create Request" button.

  5. Confirm the creation of the lease contract. The hexagons offered for lease in the game are marked with "R RENT," and a conspicuous "R OFFER" icon appears above them.

To Cancel Land Lease Offer:

  1. Tap on the hexagons you've listed for lease, marked with "R RENT," and a prominent "R OFFER" icon.

  2. Press the "Delete Request" button.

  3. The lease contract will be canceled.

  4. Congratulations! Your hexagons are once again under your control, and they are no longer available for leasing.

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