Trading land

Hex World Dominance: Land Acquisition Guide

The earth is a checkerboard of hexagons waiting for the astute player to develop and dominate. Below, you'll find essential strategies for purchase, development, trade, and security to ensure your success.

Getting Started with Land Acquisition

  1. Start by identifying the strategic locations on the planet laid out in hexagonal parcels.

  2. Evaluate land based on proximity to existing developments, player activity, and resource availability.

  3. Balance your choices between convenience, potential for high traffic, and undisturbed development.

  4. Weigh the economic aspects by comparing prices across various hexagons to ensure a wise investment.

Development and Expansion

  1. Once a piece of land is yours, plan your city with a focus on productivity for farms and industrial buildings.

  2. Provide basic utilities like electricity and internet to your developments with meticulous planning.

  3. Expand your territory strategically, unlocking new buildings and advancements with each purchase.

Market Dynamics and Trade

  1. Stay actively engaged in the game's market; buy, sell, lease, or rent land to maximize strategic gains.

  2. Monitor market trends and player demands to seize trading opportunities.

  3. Strategize your sales to coincide with peak demand periods, ensuring maximum profitability.

Resale and Trading

  1. Understand the ebbs and flows of the hexagonal land market for smart buying and selling decisions.

  2. Stay proactive, adapt strategies to the ever-changing market conditions, and capitalize on opportunities.

Step-by-Step Guide to Buying and Selling Land in the Game

Buying Land:

  1. Make sure you have the required crystals for purchasing hexagons.

  2. Carefully select an unoccupied, empty hexagon on the land and tap on it. In the menu that appears, choose the "Buy Land" icon.

  3. Choose the quantity of hexagons to purchase (scroll the bottom-right menu)

    • R0 - 1 hexagon

    • R1 - 7 hexagons

    • R2 - 19 hexagons

    • R3 - 37 hexagons

    • R4 - 61 hexagons

    Ensure your purchase aligns with your allowance for hexagon acquisitions. πŸ‘‰ Explore Land Limits

  4. Press the "Buy" button to acquire the hexagons.

Selling Land:

  1. Select the territory where you wish to sell your hexagons, ensuring they are free from any structures or encumbrances.

  2. Tap on the hexagon designated for sale and in the menu that appears, choose the "Sell Land" icon.

  3. Select the quantity of hexagons for sale (scroll the bottom-right menu).

  4. To set the selling price, press the "Set Price" button and choose a suitable price.

  5. Complete the process of listing your land for sale by pressing the "Sale" button. Your hexagons now appear on the market for potential buyers to acquire. Hexagons listed for sale in the game are marked with a "$" icon.

Removing Hexagons from Sale:

  1. Tap on the hexagons that you've listed for sale, marked with a "$" icon.

  2. Select the quantity of hexagons to remove from sale (scroll the bottom-right menu).

  3. Press the "Remove" button and confirm by selecting "Cancel Sell."

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